Ministerio Nueva Creación / New Creation Ministry
                                                               a ministry of Concordia Lutheran  Church

                                                                                                                             Una Amorosa  e  Inclusiva Comunidad de fe Hispana/Latina     

                                                                                         A loving and inclusive  Hispanic/Latino  faith community  

                                                                        40 Pitkin Street,  Manchester, CT 06040        (860) 385-3596  Sunday Worship 1:00 pm 

Friends and Colleagues Testimonials

"I feel much gratitude for the spiritual support I received from Rev. Pérsida Rivera-Méndez especially, when I first became committed and involved in ministry.  Had I not become a member of her church, I probably would not have had the foundation that I needed to help my family in their own spiritual journey.  She has allowed God to  work through her and be tangible through her ministry of being present through prayer and support during our times of transitions and crises; for examples, she not only married us but helped organize our wedding, she baptized our son, she was with us during the selling and buying of our homes, the miracle of our daughter surviving a serious illness while pregnant, and was present as we grieved the death of my children's grandmother. The prayers and support we received during the adoption of our children was amazing; and for all of this and more we are forever grateful and feel she is a blessing to all of those she comes in contact with."

- Nancy Fuentes, Media/Outreach Worker ,  ECHN, Rockville Hospital

"The Rev. Pérsida Rivera-Méndez taught me the true meaning of ministry. I was raised in church but never fully appreciated ministry until she walked into my life. I was ready to give up on church life but then I walked into a church that was ready to call her as their minister. I was shocked and intrigued. Rev. Mendez helped me in both my spiritual and personal life. I am so proud of her and I know God will continue to enlarge her territory. I know she will continue to be a blessing."

-Lucy Taveras , a friend of the pastor

"The Rev. Pérsida is a spirited-filled woman of God who has the dedication of Ruth and the courage of Esther! Her teaching and ministry is transformative. I praise God for this anointed pastor whose gifts bless all who are touched by her life!"

- Kim Martin Sadler, 

President , Sadler Communications and Consulting Group, LLC Company

"It is with great joy that I write this testimonial for the Rev. Pérsida Rivera-Méndez! I have worked with her in various settings of the church, marveled at her solid preaching, and witnessed her leadership in worship and working with children. Rev. Rivera-Méndez is thoughtful and authentic in all she does. She brings great energy to her ministry that is infectious. She is a joyful and joy-filled woman of God. She is committed to excellence and brings out the best in those with whom she works. I wish her every success in her ministry—she cares about people and, most importantly, she loves the Lord! "

 -Rev. Barbara Essex, Executive Director,

 United Protestant Ministries in Cleveland