Ministerio Nueva Creación / New Creation Ministry
                                                               a ministry of Concordia Lutheran  Church

                                                                                                                             Una Amorosa  e  Inclusiva Comunidad de fe Hispana/Latina     

                                                                                         A loving and inclusive  Hispanic/Latino  faith community  

                                                                        40 Pitkin Street,  Manchester, CT 06040        (860) 385-3596  Sunday Worship 1:00 pm 

At Ministerio Nueva Creación/ New Creation Ministry we seek to offer extravagant welcome and radical hospitality to all who come through our doors.  We seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all.  We want to touch people’s lives with the transformative grace of God through Jesus Christ who has been sent to heal the broken hearted, the disfranchised and marginalized of society.    We want be a beacon of hope to those who seek a relationship with Jesus as each person realizes his and her potential.  We seek to offer fellowship, unconditional love, acceptance and respect  for  all Gods people.